Friday, January 05, 2007

Oooo - see the moving pictures....

Happy New year blog readers!

A bumper crop of movies from this Christmastide (um - is that a word?). As usual, TV was unutterably dreadful over the Christmas period (Vicar of Dibley anyone?) and only the presence of some cracking films enlivened it in any way.

Lawrence of Arabia *****
Equilibrium ***
The Da Vinci Code *
My goodness, it is so unbelievably bad it makes the dire source material seem like a masterpiece !
The 39 Steps ****
Gladiator *****
Van Helsing ***
Pirates of the Carribean ***
Blade Runner Directors Cut *****
The Birds *****
The Usual Suspects ****
Kind Hearts and Coronets *****
Batman Begins *****
United 93 *****

Even though 2007 is shaping up to be the year of the sequel; some of which look like being good (Spiderman 3, the Bourne Ultimatum), some of which look like being OK (Harry Potter 5, Die Hard 4) and most of which look completely superfluous (Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Rocky 6, Shrek 3, Oceans 13, Evan Almighty, Resident Evil:Extinction) or awful (Rush Hour 3, Fantastic 4 (um) 2, National Treasure 2, Saw 4).

So to help you fight your way through the overwhelming fog of sequels I have selected a few movies that should be well worth checking out this coming year:

300 (March 2007)
A highly stylised film about the battle of Thermopylae where 300 Spartans held the entire Persian army in 480BC. Check the trailer out, its a bit shouty but it looks incredible.

Hot Fuzz (Feb 2007)
A hollywood style police action flick. Set in rural England. With Nick Frost & Simon Pegg. What, you need more convincing? Check the trailer here

Tales of Earthsea (Jun 2007)

From the the same stable as Spirited Away, a Miyazaki anime adaptation of Ursula K Le Guin's classic fantasy novels. If the film is as good as its artwork, it will be wonderful.

The Simpsons Movie (Jul 2007)
Enough said - watch the brilliant trailer here

Also watch out for Transformers (!), The Fountain, Sunshine, 28 Weeks Later, Zodiac, Curse of the Broken Flower

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