Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Hmmm, Podcast Action


I have finally beaten the elaborate uploading process on myspace and managed to post the shiny new Theatre of Noise Podcast. It was recorded in a dungeon at a secret location somewhere in Manchester City Centre and is a small flavour of the Theatre of Noise shows that will terrorise South Manchester on Refresh FM at Easter. It is a bit raw and due to copyright reasons music-less, but hopefully quite entertaining.

It contains a myriad of delights* including perennial TON favourite, the Chainsaw Challenge, an exclusive interview with Jade Goody** and a shiny new game called Feel My Sack. During said game, Dan used his new fangled image recording device/phone to film the game in progress, Eyan then used a wondrous confabulator to upload it to Youtube...

Listen with your ears here: myspace.com/thequiteearlyshow

Watch with your eyes here: Feel My Sack Vid

Smell with your nose here: Erm...

Do have a listen, although I had to reduce the quality to post it on evil myspace. A Quite Early Show podcast was recorded too and will follow when I have regained the will to live.

Below is the stirring sight of the Chris Bowater CD destroyed in the Chainsaw Challenge. It was literally on fire due to the ferocity with which Fil angle-ground it.
('Angle-ground' is a new word I invented to describe the process of using an angle grinder in the past tense)

* No actual delights promised
** No real Jade Goody promised

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