Sunday, October 29, 2006

Half terms are very good

Hmmmm, I've had my first experience of half term as a teacher.... I like it.
Apart from having rather large amounts of dull paperwork to catch up on, it was nice to just chill, see friends and watch movies. I saw a real mixed bag this week:

World Trade Center *

This film really annoyed me. This review in the Guardian sums up pretty well what I feel about it. I have seen films like this before, and they were the propaganda films of the WW2 years. For Oliver Stone to be making reactionary Bush-ist propaganda leaves a very unpleasant taste in the mouth, and is in no way a fitting tribute to those who died on 9/11. I was so irritated that I hired out Paul Greengrass' United 93, which is astonishing, almost unwatchable and gets everything right that Stone gets wrong in World Trade Center. I would strongly recommend you watch it instead of Stone's lumbering and dull monster.

United 93 *****
A Good Year ***
Not really the type of film I normally go and see, but the idea of a romantic comedy with Russell Crowe directed by Ridley Scott was too intriguing to miss. As you'd expect from Scott, it is beautifully shot and Crowe isn't too bad. I actually really enjoyed it, maybe I'm getting soft in my old age....
The Untouchables *****
Hellboy ****
LOTR:The Fellowship of the Ring (Extended) *****
Matrix Reloaded ***
Seven Samurai ****

Currently listening to:
Aberdeen City - God is Going to Get Sick Of Me
Sufjan Stevens -
The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I have a confession to make.

I broke a very serious promise today...

I listened to Radio 4 as I had my breakfast before going to work today.

Now I had to sworn to myself that I wouldn't give in to listening to Radio 4 till I was at least 35, preferably 40. When I listen to the radio, I tend to listen to Radio 1 or XFM Manchester. It is my pathetic attempt to hold on desperately to what remains of my 'yoof'.

Thing is, the school I'm teaching in at the moment is about a 2 hour commute away so I have to get up really really early (at least for me), so my morning DJ of choice Chris Moyles, hasn't started his show yet. This meant that after one day of listening to JK & Joel drivel rubbishness on Radio 1, I gave in and switched to Radio 4. And you know what, I really enjoyed it...

Thats it now. I might as well start smoking a pipe, listening to Barry Manilow and drinking Horlicks. Middle age has come, and I'm only 29.

Lots of movies this week and a bit:
Apt Pupil ***
Talledega Nights **
The Matrix *****
Good Night & Good Luck *****
Lady Vengeance ****
The Departed ****
The Third Man *****
Lucky Number Slevin ***
Unleashed *
Revolver *
Raiders of the Lost Ark *****
Serenity *****