Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Shock as Penguin learns to use Net

What is the greatest threat facing humankind? Is it global warming? George Bush sparking off World War 3? Global overpopulation? Meteors/aliens from outer space? Bird Flu?
I think I have seen a glimpse of the future. We are so focused on our own actions or interventions from the heavens that we have neglected a possible threat in our own back yard.

Oh they may look cute and cuddly or humorous as they waddle about, but under the facade of the amusing bird, a cunning and evil mind lurks in every penguin. I was tipped off to the potential scale of the Penguin Threat(TM) when I saw this news story. Roxy the Rockhopper penguin has learnt how to use the internet.... This evil genius of a bird has overcome the lack of gripping appendages to set up her own Myspace page in order to find love. If they can learn to do that, what else can penguins learn to do?!

Hack the T'interweb?

Learn to operate firearms?

Sing in barbershop style singing groups? Noooooooooooo!

Just look at these two ill-favoured characters, what evil are they plotting, what cunning dreams lie within their diabolical brains?

The destruction of all that we hold dear in this world, thats what!

Don't say you haven't been warned. You heard about the Penguin Threat(TM) here first.

I have emailed my old mate George Bush about this, expect to see the War on Penguins springing into effect very soon

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daz said...

hey lee, think you need to get out more!!!! I think that penguins are harmless its those darned cats their the ones trying to take over the world!! (isnt that a film??) its the way they look at you!

Nat said...

Ah haha! I just saw a card about a killer penguin today in some random tourist shop in Edinburgh.

Maybe the penguins and cats are in it together... nooo! claws and beaks!