Saturday, March 03, 2007

The last shall be first....

Formula 1. It's a bit of an enigma.
On the one hand, it is a sport so devoid of humour and fun that it makes golf look like base-jumping. However, it does have a curious, yet undeniable glamour as evidenced by the colossal sums of money and attention given to the top drivers. I myself have spent many a Sunday afternoon watching Grand Prix from amazing locations all over the world. Admittedly, after about the first 5 laps, I tend to slip into a deep sleep and start drooling copiously all over myself.

And that is the main problem, Formula 1 (apart from the mad dash from the starting line to the first corner) is crushingly dull for the most part. In recent years one man has bestrode the sport like a Prussian colossus, eclipsing all other drivers with his inhuman ability to drive in circles very quickly. Michael Schumacher will no doubt be looked upon as one of the greatest drivers to ever sit in a car, however in his domination he has practically killed the sport off as a spectacle because he seemed to win every single race.

Perhaps his retirement at the end of last season will lead to a more interesting contest. But even if it doesn't, Eyan of Fat Roland fame has found a way to make F1 interesting - a fantasy league.

Whats interesting about that, I hear you cry? Well, this league is slightly different as it doesn't champion the few winning drivers and cars, but rather the losers. So the worse your selected drivers and constructors do, the better your team does. Its a great idea and cracking fun. Look at the site here and consider signing up for this year. It only takes a few minutes and costs a few pounds to enter, but all the money goes into the prize fund.

If you needed more evidence of the inherent craziness of F1, you need look no further than the story behind the new Honda's paintjob. Apparently, in order to save the earth, Honda has nobly removed advertising from the car and hope that the 'Earth Car' paint job will encourage people to look after the environment. Most admirable sentiments undermined completely by the fact that the cars will be responsible for emitting over 50 tonnes of carbon dioxide this season. That is over five times the amount emitted by the average UK driver in 12 months. Clearly the person who thought that marketing idea up is a total moron....

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