Sunday, February 11, 2007

Верхняя Шестерня

(Top Gear in Russian....)
Just watched tonight's Top Gear on BBC2. Absolute genius...
I laughed so much all the way through it. Highlights included:
  • Jeremy Clarkson driving a Camaro with a huge dead cow strapped to the top of the car.
  • Richard Hammond driving through red-neck central in Alabama in a white pickup with 'Man Love Rules OK' in pink writing down the side.
  • Fat Stig.
  • Jeremy's in car shower cooling system & Hammonds truck mounted BBQ
  • James May calling the other two 'insufferable oafs'. (Great insult...must use it soon)

However, possibly the most disturbing thing was the way the cast and crew were literally run out of the Alabama town of Bagdad by a stone hurling. red-neck mob. (Admittedly, their cars were daubed with vaguely inflammatory slogans like the one recorded above and 'Hillary for President' and 'Country & Western is Rubbish'). But it was still a extreme over-reaction. Surely these people can't be so insecure in their beliefs that the sight of 3 middle aged men in cars with silly slogans on them incites them to such a violent reaction?

But the most memorable footage was the shots of New Orleans one year after Hurricane Katrina. It was rather sobering to see how devastated much of the city still is.

V for Vendetta ****
Kind Hearts & Coronets *****
Music & Lyrics ***

(As I have mentioned elsewhere, this is not normally the type of movie I would see, but I quite enjoyed it. I find it difficult to really dislike Hugh Grant, it would be like kicking a puppy)

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Fat Roland said...

What a brilliant programme. The 'insufferable oafs' got a lol from me, as did Jeremy's in-car shower. I can't believe the garage woman seemed to proud that she was in a "hick town". Stupid bible belters.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Greetings, your Roland-ness.

It was indeed brilliant.