Friday, February 09, 2007

Quizzery Vol 1

The quiz that Eyan, Dan and I run on a monthly basis rumbled through East Didsbury once again like a cement mixer full of FACT and KNOWLEDGE.

Eyan may post his general knowledge and picture rounds on his blog at some point. I did a sports round this time, and here it is:

1) A Man Utd goalkeeper has not played for England for 22 years. What is the name of the Utd keeper who will change that against Spain on the 7th Feb?

2) What was the scoreline of the England v Scotland rugby union game played on Saturday 3rd Feb?
3) Which former Test Cricket umpire is suing the the ICC & the PCB for racial discrimination following last summer’s ball tampering controversy?

4) What is unusual about Ralphie the buffalo, the live mascot for the Colorado Buffalos? (American football team).

5) When Lennox Lewis retired, he was the first reigning heavyweight champion boxer to retire since Rocky Marciano. When did Lewis retire? June 2003, Feb 2004, July 2005

6) Ronnie O’Sullivan won the Snooker Masters at Wembley Arena in January. Who was his opponent in the final?

7) How many career wins does 2006 F1 champion Fernando Alonso have? 15, 25 or 30

8) "When you are in the rough the most important thing to remember is to make sure you get out. Don't be greedy and attempt to hit the ball too far from heavy rough. You may only manage to shift it a few yards and end up in even worse trouble". What number iron would you use to get out of the rough?

9) In tennis, who won January’s Australian open?

10) Name five Premiership, Football League or Conference teams that begin and end with the same letter.

I will post Dan's Scrabble theme round tomorrow...

*Edit 17th Feb - The answers are now lurking in the comments...


Fat Roland said...

I've now blogged me questions me hearties.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

#drum roll#

And the answers are:
1) Ben Foster
2) 42-20
3) Darrell Hair
4) Ralphie is not a he, Ralphie is actually female… and he’s not a buffalo at all, he is a bison
5) Feb 2004
6) China’s Ding Junhui
7) 15
8) Take a higher club than you might want to - a six or seven iron is about right - unless you have a really good lie. (from the BBC website)
9) Roger Federer
10) Aston Villa, Charlton Athletic, Liverpool, Northampton Town, York City