Saturday, February 17, 2007

Quizzery Vol. 2

OK, here is the theme round from the last Eyan/Dan/Lee monthly pub quiz. You can see the rest of the quiz here and here.

This great round was Dan's and it is themed around the inconceivably popular board game Scrabble.

1. What percentage of British Households owns a Scrabble set?

2. The Opening Move. The words that will score you the most points in an opening move are SQUEEZY or QUARTZY. What score would you get, bearing in mind the 50-points for using all 7 tiles and the score of the tiles is doubled? a) 124 b) 126 c) 128

3. There are a number of different sources of words. Standards dictionaries will usually suffice but competition players use official word lists. What are the restrictions in place governing the legality of a word in Scrabble. What elements make a word illegal in Scrabble?

4. According to the Association of British Scrabble Players Website a number of documentary films have been made about the game. Which of these is NOT the title a documentary?
a) Scrabylon b) Word Wars c) All Letters Are Not Created Equal

5. In 1986 the standard format of competition Scrabble tiles was changed from traditional wood to plastic. What was the reason for this?

6. High Scoring Words. The basic score for each of these words is 28, but what do they mean?

7. Questions about Scrabble Tournaments. If you had been competing in last weekend’s Scrabble Tournament in Perth and you had taken you own timing device what would you have received in return?
a) Free Biscuits and Coffee
b) £1 off the entrance fee
c) A Comfy Chair

8. If you take part in the Inaugural Wirral Open Scrabble Tournament at Leasowe Castle Hotel and you are found to be sharing a room without paying for it what will happen?
Will you be:
a) beaten with full bags of competition tiles
b) have 50 points deducted from your final score
c) disqualified from the Inaugural Wirral Open Scrabble Tournament… the shame

9. Some of the highest scoring words are those with two Z’s. Not counting enhanced squares, what is the basic score for placing two Z’s on the board?

10. There are a number of different versions of Scrabble for sale in the UK, from Argos and Toys R Us, name as many of them as you can.

Enjoy! I will post the answers sometime next week.
If you use the interweb to get the answers I will know and come round to your house and beat you with a full bag of competition tiles. You have been warned...

* The answers are now in the comments. Enjoy the scrabble related trivia....

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9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

1. 53%

2. b. 126

3. Capitalised words
Hyphenated words
Words with Apostrophes
Foreign Words not in common usage
Words not on the official Scrabble Word List (OSWI, SOWPOD) used in competition

4. c. All Letters Are Not Created Equal

5. Uniform size and shape
No “brailling” in the bag with plastic tiles (discerning the letter with the fingertips)

6. JUMBOIZE – To enlarge (a ship by adding a prefabricated section)
BEZIQUES – Plural of a card game
QUIZZERY – Collection of quizzes, information pertaining to quizzes

7. b. £1 off the entrance fee

8. c. disqualified from the Inaugural Wirral Open Scrabble Tournament… the shame

9. 10 points, Z = 10 points but there is only one so the second must be a blank

10. My First Dora the Explorer Scrabble
Original Scrabble
Welsh Scrabble
My First Scrabble
Scrabble Pink – raising money for Breast Cancer
Junior Scrabble
Party Scrabble UK – apparently with a contemporary theme and timing feature
Disney Junior Scrabble
Simpsons Scrabble
Travel Scrabble
Scrabble Deluxe
Pocket Scrabble
Super Scrabble – which is twice the size of Original Scrabble