Sunday, April 29, 2007

Reports, Tears & Monsters

This post was actually written a week ago, but due to my internet weebles being awkward it has been delayed till today.
I have had an action packed few days or so. Well, when I say action packed, I just mean I've done some stuff....

On Friday, it was a big day for me in school as it was time for my mentor to write his report about how I've done on my school placement. I didn't have any massive worries going into the review meeting, but still, there is something slightly unnerving about having someone write your review in front of you. Anyhoo, I had nothing to worry about and my mentor wrote lots of nice things about how I've done. Just got the small matter of a 10,000 word essay to crack on with now.....

Springtime for..... Peter Kay
I went to see the Producers in Manchester Friday night. Now, I am not generally a fan of musicals (no scrap that, I despise musicals normally - if it was made a capital offence to watch, sing or in any way refer to Grease, I would rejoice...), but I tentatively dipped my toes into the heady brew that is the Producers.
Well, I loved it. It was gloriously tasteless, hysterically funny and a great way to spend an evening. The Springtime for Hitler number was so gut-wrenchingly funny that I could barely see the stage through tears of laughter and I was having trouble actually breathing.

I was also terribly excited in a very nerdy way on Saturday as Nat and I went to see the Dr Who Up Close exhibition at the Manchester Science & Industry Museum. I really enjoyed it and I don't care if you think I'm a nerd. Here is a picture of Nat being bemused at a Slytheen in the gloom.Now I have never fallen into the trap of thinking that Daleks are scary. As cool as they are, they were only ever glorified pepperpots. However, having seen one in the flesh (or the tin if you wish), there is something slightly unnerving at coming face to face with one.

The Dalek is actually 'live' but I didn't know this when I came face to face with it. So there I was taking a picture of it with my lamentably poor camera phone, when it erupts to life. It's eyestalk swivelled to look directly at me and it proceeed to screech "You are an enemy of the daleks! Exterminate!" at the top of its lungs (ahem). Suffice to say it made me jump...

Nat finally left our shores and returned to the US this week. My housemates & I will miss her calming presence in the house. I hope she finds what she's looking for on her return to Atlanta.

Kingdom of Heaven Extended Version ****
Brotherhoof of the Wolf ****
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy ****
28 Days Later *****
Solaris *****
V for Vendetta ****
Dr Who Season 1 *****
The more I see of David Tennant as Dr Who, the more I come to realise that as good as he is, Christopher Eccleston in Season 1 was way way better.
The Producers (Theatre) *****
Highlander ***
Hilariously bad and brilliant fun! It has a French Canadian as the Highlander with a dreadful scottish accent and a Scot (Sean Connery)as a dandyish Spaniard(?) with a scottish accent

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Nat said...

Manchester house, I miss you!

That pic of of me and the Slytheen is even more bizarre than I could tell from the little screen on your phone. The confusion makes the whole shot a bit surreal. Purely intentional, of course, coming from an artist of your calibur.