Monday, April 14, 2008

Theatre of Noise 2008 A-Z Part the First

The Theatre of Noise has closed its radio curtains after a destruction-filled 3 weeks over Easter. This year's broadcast on Refresh FM was bigger and better than ever, encompassing Manchester on FM and the whole world via the netweb.

In my previous ramblings I promised a post dedicated to the music that lurked within the Theatre of Noise's inner reaches. Here it is, (drum roll) the first part of The Theatre of Noise 2008 A-Z. If you click on the name of the band it will whisk you to their website (if they have one) and if you click on the song name it should take you to a video of said ditty.
A thoroughly enjoyable toe tapper.
Slightly retro rock feel, with some properly crunchy guitar-ness.
Clicking will take you to a page where you can listen to samples. I've always loved The Choir and I took every chance I could to play stuff from their 2005 album O, How the Mighty Have Fallen.
D. The Dream Pilots - One More Time
I liked it very much, Eyan decided half way through the 3 weeks he didn't. Cue much musical bickering that didn't produce a single reason why he didn't like it. It's slightly derivative, but still rather good.
It was such a shame. Emery have long been a Theatre of Noise favourite. However, their new album, while not bad, is not a patch on their earlier release The Question.
This sneaked in tacked on to the end of a deeply average album by Falling Up. This song however, is far from average. After a deceptively gentle start it explodes into an epic chorus before fading out Vangelis style.
G. Grey Holiday - Glorious
A bit U2-ish, but fun nontheless.
A song that divided opinions in the studio everytime we played it. Some people loved it, some people hated it. Its a marmite song.
I. ScroobIus Pip - Letter From God to Man
A magnificently written song that we criminally underplayed over the 3 weeks. The video I've chosen makes the lyrics very easy to follow.

J. onwards will be come in later posts.

We took lots of pictures this year and they will be appearing soon at the slightly unfinished Theatre of Noise website - To whet your appetite here are a couple of said pictures. In this one, resident tool expert Fil the Destroyer prepares to terminate a stack of 11 CDs in perennial show favourite, the Chainsaw Challenge.
Here, Fil & I play cricket with McFly's Greatest Hits album. It didn't last as long as a normal cricket ball would, but it did shatter most satisfyingly.

Ratatouille *****
Come & See ****
Battlestar Galactica:Razor *****
Alien Vs Predator:Requiem. Unrated version *
No Country for Old Men *****
So so so good - if you haven't seen the latest Coen Brothers film, you really must. I doubt you will see a better film all year


Fat Roland said...

The radio looks fun. I wish I'd been there. Oh. Erm...

I'm glad you loved Ratatouille. It's kind of a relief. I thought I was going doolally liking a cartoon so much... but it's so damn good.

Tim Footman said...

Hmmm... I liked No Country, and it was clearly a return to form after their last two clunkers, but compared to, say, Lebowski or Barton Fink...? A great film by most standards, but not necessarily by Coen standards.