Saturday, April 26, 2008

RIP Humph.

I was lucky enough to see the Radio 4 programme I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue live at the Lowry in Salford recently.

Humphrey Lyttleton will be sorely missed.....

Torchwood Series 2 ****
Cloverfield ***
Golden Compass **


Fat Roland said...

Very sad news indeed, a real bummer.

Also slightly concerned that you think Cloverfield was only just better than Narnia. I'm going to confiscate all your stars until you learn to use them properly.

English Blogger said...

A very sad day indeed, the master of understatement with perfect timing.

TTFN Humph

Tim Footman said...

Melvyn Bragg made a good point in an otherwise banal and error-strewn article in The Observer: Did the BBC ever receive any complaints about Humph's 'Samantha' lines?