Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Life imitating art

George Bush has never been a man to let facts get in the way of, well, anything.

Monday saw the release of a report by his own intelligence agencies that essentially said that Iran was not building nuclear weapons. Did the conclusion of this report that brought together the collective expertise and knowledge of the 16 branches of US intelligence signal a reduction in Bush's vehement rhetoric against Iran?

Of course not. Here's a quote from one of the candidates vying for Bush's position come the elections next year. Democrat Senator Barack Obama:

"Bush will not let facts get in the way of his ideology... and that's been the problem with their [the Republicans] foreign policy generally."

It seems that Bush and his advisors have got their (black) hearts set on another war before the reins of power are prised out of his hands in 2008. And it seems even his own intelligence agencies won't stand in his way....

Read the story here.

It scares me that the Iran-US storyline in Spooks at the moment is increasingly seeming less inconceivable by the week.

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Roswell2themax, Robbie & Rudolf said...

Nothing surprises me anymore!!! I often wonder whether there is evidence of these things before the discussion is made in the first place and who decides what constitutes evidence!!

Spooks and The West Wing often have quite relevant story lines that are a bit near the mark

Tim Footman said...

What terrifies me is the idea that Bush (or rather the people who tell him what to do) is going to wait for that strange Nov-Jan interregnum between the election and the swearing-in of his successor to bomb Tehran. His successor (either a Democrat, or a Republican like Giuliani who hates his guts) will then be left to pick up the pieces.

I'm also drawn to the theory that Bush is actually an al Quaeda stooge, specifically put in place to foment anti-Americanism.

Nat said...

He's surely a stooge of some kind. I'm hoping he'll just go away quietly. Nice cartoon, though.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

"I'm also drawn to the theory that Bush is actually an al Quaeda stooge, specifically put in place to foment anti-Americanism."

This amuses me a great deal....