Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Celebrating 100 Posts with a New Feature

Nine Tenths Full of Penguins is 100 posts young today! Break out the balloons, party poppers, jelly & ice cream...

I've been thinking quite a lot about music recently as I have received many gratifyingly positive comments about my Pandora station (Quite Early Music, which can be heard here) since I blogged about it last week.

One of the benefits of owning an MP3 player of frankly ridiculous capacity is that I am able to have thousands of songs on there at any one time. I often choose to listen to them all on random, which can throw up some wonderful combinations of tunes. So I've decided to record some of these on this here blog.

This is how it will work:
Step 1: I will set the player to random
Step 2: I will record the first 10 songs that present themselves
Now I will make a deal with you. I will record all ten (including any of the embarrassing ones that lurk in the nether regions)if you promise not to laugh too loudly.....

Here are the first ten:
1) Manic Street Preachers - Removeables
2) Linkin Park - Points of Authority
3) Jonezetta - Popularity
4) Arcade Fire - Antichrist Television Blues
5) Further Seems Forever - Bleed
6) Derek Webb - Rich Young Ruler
7) Anberlin - Audrey, Start the Revolution!
8) Def Leppard - Hysteria
9) Levellers - Haven't Made It
10) Muse - Map of Your Head

I will leave you to judge which, if any, I am slightly embarrassed about....

Sadly, not my CD collection


Valerie said...

If you're like me, you're embarrassed about Def Leppard. But man, the song rocks. So don't be, if you were.

I learned to love Muse on your Pandora station! So thanks :)

Always did love me some Linkin Park.

Will check out some of the others.. I do know Arcade Fire of course, but the other ones no...

Bobzilla said...

Let's get, let's get, let's get, let's get rocked!

First time I've seen Arcade Fire listed beside The Levellers I have to say. Which reminds I must dig out my This Garden CD

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

thanks Valerie and welcome Bobzilla.

Def Leppard do indeed rock. (although, I can't help being slightly embarrassed about still liking them!)

Bobzilla, I think my favourite random pairing from my mp3 player on was In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg followed by the 99 Problems/One Step Closer mashup by Jay-Z and Linkin Park.

Nat said...

Did your page change colors or is something wrong with my display? If it has really changed, then nice. Dramatic but not painful to look at.

What's this about Greenbelt I saw? Do tell.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

There have been some colour changes. Not sure if I like them yet....

We shall see.