Sunday, May 13, 2007

Random Movie related meme thingy

Now I may have given the impression that I like movies from time to time.
However, I did a movie related meme thingy where you say which movies you've seen on a list and only came out with 82 out of 239!

A measley 82 out of 239! Mind you, if you click on the picture you will see a readable list of my results, and you will also see that most of them are s***e. So actually, I feel quite good that I haven't seen White Chicks, Scary Movie and other films of similarly pitiful calibre

Hat tip to Naomi

Serenity ****
Serenity is rapidly becoming one of my favourite movies
Sleepy Hollow ***
The Sin Eater *

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Nat said...

I took a closer look at the list. I think White Oleander has a different title in the UK, and I think you've seen it. I know I talked to someone about it when I was there.