Monday, March 19, 2007

Up until the Wii small hours

I recently bribed several European marmots to go to elaborate lengths to obtain for me a shiny new Nintendo Wii from Germany. I was forced to this extreme end because Nintendo appear to release about 3 consoles a month in the UK, which makes buying one here a tad difficult without permanently camping outside GAME in the Trafford Centre.

Anyhoo. It is an indecent amount of fun to play with. I have spent many hours paralysed with hysterical laughter with my housemates playing Wii Sports and Wario Ware Smooth Movies. It is simply the best console system I have played, the remote wireless controllers are infinitely more intuitive than normal gamepads. Right, I must go now. Currently ambling around a colossal but very pretty field in Zelda wondering what on earth I'm supposed to be doing....

Cronos ****
The Manchurian Candidate ***

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Nat said...

Wii? Wee!