Thursday, August 17, 2006

ITV scrapes the barrel...

ITV is dreadful, absolutely dreadful. It's full of so much mind-numbing awfulness that I get on my knees and thank the almighty Himself that I am spared ITV. Luckily, the vagaries of my bargain freeview box mean that I can't actually pick up any of the ITV channels. So that means that I never even accidentally watch it. There is so much drivel shown on the channel, but even so things like Love Island float to the top of the cesspool.

But even the execrable Love Island pales into insignificance next to ITV's latest venture.

A primetime drama about the "Downfall of John Prescott" - Bloody hell....

"You just couldn't have made this story up," said ITV's controller of features, Jane Rogerson.

No kidding love. Apparently it will be "a compelling insight into the off-camera moments of public figures and their entourages."

Much as I dislike the pretty contemptible Prescott, at least ITV could have waited until his 'downfall' was actually complete. As far as I'm aware, he's still Deputy Prime Minister and regardless of what happens to him in the next few weeks and months, ITV have missed a trick. At the moment, the story is a lurid kiss and tell with no chance of redemption for the main character. If ITV waited till the resolution of 'Prescott-gate' they may find a way to spin a more satisfying ending.

As it is they say the programme will provide "an innovative and entertaining look at the upstairs downstairs world of Westminster". Oh dear... but there's worse to come. Apparently, the programme is part of an attempt to make ITV more 'risky' and its output "contemporary, less predictable". Heaven help us all.

And the worst thing.... the name of the damn thing will be 'Prezza'.


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