Friday, July 13, 2007

More penguin madness

Hat tip to Nat for this marvellously insane animation of a squirrel and a penguin in a banjo duel. Things get a bit weird.....

I'm making up for a lack of penguin related nonsense over the last few months. In a blog entitled 9/10ths Full of Penguins, this distressing lack of penguin content has bothered me for a while. Normal wibbling service will be resumed shortly...

Die Hard 2 ****
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix ****
1408 **
Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark *****

*Answers to the last quiz rounds can now be found in the comments on this post

1 comment:

Valerie said...

This is a great video, despite the distressing shortage of penguins!