Friday, January 08, 2010

Resolution, Resolution, Resolution

I'm not a great believer in New Year's Resolutions as a rule. This is mainly because I am terrible at keeping them and generally end up failing miserably. I then end up feeling very negative and down about it, which sort of negates their purpose.As 2009 drew to its inevitable end, I had a few conversations with a colleague at work where I was chastised for being a miserable git. This was done in a jocular way and was highly amusing at the time. However, on reflection he had a good point and I have resolved in 2010 to try and rectify this and make more of an effort to be somewhat more sociable. To avoid the type of navel-gazing introspection that is so tedious in the blogosphere, I won't tell you a sob story about how difficult I find social situations or any bilge like that. My biggest problem is that I'm lazy...

Therefore, I have made one simple resolution. Its not to lose weight (although I could stand to do that) or join a gym or take up Tai Chi. It is to be less grouchy and be more sociable!

Avatar ****
Where the Wild Things Are *****
Dead Set *****
Black Sheep ***
The Bourne Ultimatum *****


Fat Roland said...

That's a smashing idea. I think films are good wind-down time, so count me in.

I would have given Avatar three. I'm glad you rated Wild Things highly.

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

I think Avatar does deserve 4. It's plot is very cliche and some of the character work is shoddy, but the technical wizardry, creativity and imagination push it up to 4 for me. Wild things made me feel like a 9 year old building dens in the woods again - it was ace!