Sunday, September 21, 2008

Its OK

Delirious (one of my favourite bands of the last 10 years) are on their farewell tour....

This is from when they were properly good...the video isn't amazing, but I love the song.

(And yes, I know its not a proper blog post. Having a lazy sunday)

Dark Knight *****
X Files - I Want to Believe **
She's All That *
Hellboy 2 ****
Kung Fu Panda ***
Babylon AD **
The Happening *
Iron Man ****
Sleepy Hollow ***
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang ****


Fat Roland said...

Probably their most 'complete' song, and sounds great next to the over-production of much of their later stuff.

Why is Andre Crouch on your Last FM playlist?

Crikey, my word verification, which I won't repeat here, is incredibly racist!

Sarah said...

Delirious... I put it on my ipod for nostalgia, and it really does make me happy when it comes on. I was a fan back in the 'cutting edge' days... It reminds me of days when belief was simple and the world was black and white and I felt part of something big and good and not understood. I wouldn't go back there, but it was good when it lasted.