Friday, June 08, 2007

Quzzery in a June Styleeee

Yes, that time of the month has spun round with dismaying swiftness once more. Wednesday night in East Didsbury was yet again invaded by myself and Eyan's unique brand of trivia and silliness in our monthly pub quiz.

See all previous quiz related shenanigans by clicking here. It was my turn to do the general knowledge and theme rounds and they lurk below.

1) The G8 summit is being held in Germany at the moment. Name as many of the member countries of the G8 as you can.
2) What is measured on the Beaufort scale?
3) What is the pirate's skull and cross-bones flag called?
4) Which bird is the international symbol of happiness?
5) They may be complex, vulgar or mixed. What are they?
6) Which country is the home of feta cheese?
7) Which well-loved cartoon animal made his debut in 1937?
8) Roald Dahl wrote the book called BFG. What do the initials stand for?
9) The first official Bond movie was released in 1964. What was the title?
10) Which was the first football team with the word Rovers in their name to win the Premiership?

The aftermath of June's pub quiz

Theme: Greek Mythology

1) The son of Thetis the sea-goddess, Achilles was impervious to harm apart for one weakness. Where was that weakness?
2) Jason & The Argonauts sailed on the ship Argo to find what?
3) Jason was tutored by Chiron the centaur. A centaur is half man and half what?
4) Name the King & Queen of the Gods.
5) What is the name of mountain atop which the Greek gods lived?
6) Medusa was a Gorgon with the charming ability to turn people into stone with a single look. What was the name of the hero who killed her and how did he avoid being turned into stone?
7) Which hero famed for his colossal strength undertook a series of heroic tasks or Labours?
8) According to Greek myth the dead were transported to the underworld Hades by a mysterious ferryman. What was the name of the river they crossed?
9) What was the name of the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, books telling the stories of the siege of Troy and Odysseus’ adventures on his return from Troy?
10) Theseus solved the mystery of the Labyrinth of Crete with little more than a ball of thread. However, what monster made its home in the Labyrinth?

Answers sometime next week...

update 21/06/07 - answers now in the comments region


Nat said...

Greek Myths:

1.)his Achilles tendon... (his heel).
2.)the golden fleece
4.)Zeus and Hera
6.)Perseus? Whoever, I know he used relections (his shield?) so he wasn't ever looking directly at her.

Nat said...

Okay... I'll try this one, too... although the first question shamefully deterred me; after this I'm heading straight to Google.

3.)Jolly Roger
5.)Classical languages? :-P
7.)Bugs bunny
8.)Big Friendly Giant
10.)Blackburn, since they are the only Rovers I know.

Oh well, I tried. :-)

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Valiant attempts both!

9/10ths Full of Penguins said...

Ok, some answers

General Knowledge
1) US, UK, Germany, Russia, Canada, France, Italy & Japan
2) Wind Velocity
3) The Jolly Roger
4) Bluebird
5) Fractions
6) Greece
7) Bugs Bunny
8) Big Friendly Giant
9) Dr No
10) Blackburn Rovers

Greek Mythology
1) Heel
2) Golden Fleece
3) Horse
4) Zeus & Hera
5) Olympus
6) Perseus used a mirrored shield
7) Heracles (or Hercules)
8) Styx
9) Homer
10) The Minotaur